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Plugin Developed By WWM

All the plugin created and published by WalksWithMe (WWM) is under GNU/GPL license. The plugins created and distributed by WWM is my own product not from my employer or any other companies I worked, I never create or distribute my employers works on my private platform.

Free Extensions

All the FREE extension that developed by WWM is fully created by WWM and not any copy or package from any other plugin by other developers. Some time plugins created based on other developers plugin but its an inspiration and not using the same coding standards  and does not provide the same out put as others Should be latest version or more features added to the version.

Paid Extensions

All paid extension that developed by WWM is fully created by WWM .The concept is not from my employer or any other companies Its just my own idea and experience  sharing on the web. Also the extension cost is once accepted it will not be refundable. So extension users please read the policy concept and should aware of the no refund policy. and choose only matched extension from specification. The best practice is communicate with ME before purchasing the extension and make sure its compatible for your web site.

Customized Extensions

All the plugin that share on this platform are available with customized version based on customers requirement . In this case additional charge required based on the customization. Most of the FREE version integration and bug fixing are FREE of cost and is done within short period.

As an Extension Developer

As a senior developer , I created many extensions for my private use and employers requirement, Here on this platform only shared my private extensions and its created based on my FREE time , Also I always try to provide a fast and effective support for  plugins and main programming forum like StackOverflow. The inspiration of developing plugin and supporting other developers is a Craze about Programming and loving new technologies.