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How to install OCI8 extension for PHP Oracle development

How to install OCI8 extension for PHP Oracle development  ? you may think is quite easy and just one step mentioned in the those are just in dreams or some luck. otherwise you have to drill down to all the steps to get it works. Recently I had a PHP Oracle project , I […]

Read serial port data using Perl and PHP under windows

Read serial port data using Perl is very easy compare to PHP in Windows OS. The PHP serial port reading has some complication in Windows Os. In Linux serial port reading is very simple using PHP , but on Windows it makes more difficult that is why I choose Perl. Using Perl we can easily […]

Read Serial Port with PHP

Read serial port with PHP ? yea some time we may face such a requirement, reading serial devices from web browsers. bit complicated right ? Yea, there are few way to accomplish this with the technologies available now. We all know that browser is Sanbox mode and its restricted to access system hard drives or […]

Sublime Text Configuration for PHP

Sublime Text is a powerful text editor , its not just a text editor compare to other text editor the plug-ins of sublime text enables it to a complete IDE options. Here I will tell you the basic configuration required for PHP development using sublime text. Sublime Text Configuration for PHP have the following main […]

Google URL Shortener API using PHP

Google URL Shortener Api is really cute and simple to use also it provide a 1,000,000 requests/day its sufficient for medium size applications. The short url’s is really important in social media platform specially twitter. There are several blog post and official Google Client Libraries available for  Google URL Shortener Api using PHP, but most […]

Google Content API for Shopping V1.6

Google Content API for shopping provides a much better options over the XML Feed or Excel sheet on Google Merchant center. When we compare to XML feed a single update to the product is need to update the entire file and it gives much load to the user. Content API for shopping is playing an […]

Writing Images to the Excel Sheet using PHPExcel

Writing images to the excel sheet using phpexcel class is a great feature , using this method we can draw the images inside the excel column it looks good and nice to have images with some descriptions. While working on an Import/Export system I have noticed this facility of PHPExcel its really good and easy, […]

Reading Images From Excel Sheet Using PHPExcel

How to reading images from Excel Sheet using phpExcel ? Ya its very interesting and useful, An attached image of excel can be read and upload to server directory is, simplifying the  file upload too. Ok lets check how can we reading images from Excel Sheet using PHPExcel. Here I’am using PHPExcel Version PHPExcel 1.7.9 […]

Credit Card Validation and Encryption using php

These days online security is very important and facing many hack attempt to the huge applications that keeps users private data, credit card validation and encryption / decryption are easily  check a credit card number is valid or not and helps to encrypt and decrypt the numbers safely to store on the DB. Now many […]

Post to twitter using PHP Oauth API

Now Oauth library is familiar to everyone , Post to twitter using PHP Oauth API 1.1 is pretty simple and easy to manage all the operation like read/write/get status etc. This article will help you to create a post to your twitter account , this is using Oauth method so you can tweets anyone’s account […]