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Color Picker Plugin using jQuery

Color picker plugin using jQuery is really simple to integrate and its really nice looking for any templates. There are many color picker plugins available in the web, This one is really simple and avoid maximum conflict issues. This version uses latest jQuery library. The integration on this color picker plugin using jQuery is as […]

jQuery Conflict checking for solution

jQuery conflict is a common problem with many web pages, due to different versions of library using in a same page or conflict with other libraries like mootools. The Joomla CMS is using  mootools as default java script library so in Joomla you cannot use $ for jQuery so simply use a noConflict(). to solve […]

jQuery Slider Plugin with CSS3

Here ,  A simple jQuery slider plugin with css3 and it will take only less than five minutes to integrate on your site. The rotators slider have many options like preview image,slide show and amazing slider effects. This jQuery slider plugin required a jQuery version 1.10 or above in your site may have other jQuery […]

jQuery Cycle Plugin for simple slideshow

jQuery Cycle plugin is a powerful slideshow plugin that have lot of options, and easy to customize only few minutes to setup the slideshow in your website. The main features of the jQuery Cycle plugin are slider controls, slider effect, rotate options,animation effects etc. The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a simple plugin with huge options […]

Idle timeout plugin using jQuery

Idle timeout plugin using jQuery is very power full and easy for integrating with your application. Now these days its very usual for finding the Idle timeout and logout from your application or expire the page etc.. The application that handles profile or shopping cart its necessary to implement Idle timeout plugin. The user inactive […]

jQuery infield label plugin with form validation

jQuery infield label plugin is pretty simple to integrate and more power full for client side validation.Now these days its very important to validate a form on client side and server side for making your webpage more secure. The client side validation is make your webpage secure and more user friendly like before submitting the […]