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Some useful linux tips for better programming.

How to Change IP Address in Vesta Control Panel

How to change IP  address in Vesta Control Panel or VestaCP , Yes there may be situations like this recently my provder asked me to change the IP address of the server as part of some hardware upgrade , So  I don’t have any other choice to avoid this. There is an old script available […]

php.ini update not reflecting on your server with Vesta CP

Vesta CP with Ngx-Apache-PHP-FPM configuration is good for performce but some time you may face some odd issues like your update on the php.ini files are good but that is not reflecting in the phpinfo or your application. It is becuase just editing the php.ini configuration on the installtion path doesn’t work as expected. First […]

Lets Try Linux on AMD Ryzen 4000 Series Processors

Try Linux on AMD Ryzen 4000 series processors ? Yep its bit complicated at this time with AMD New processors series work with Linux versions, You will get most of the features works well, but few small bugs that may not be able to use the laptop on Linux  like the screen brightness control , […]

How to create bootable USB with terminal in Linux

How to create bootable USB with terminal in Linux machine ? Yea there is no need of any other software for formatting and making bootable USB from ISO file. you can simply use your terminal program and complete the task. Some time other software may failed or returned error while making bootable usb, but this […]

Easy project deployment for web application

Easy project deployment for web application ? you may wonder what it is right ? also thinks what is the issue with my current project deployment system ? Here I will explain a few techniques for better project deployment using version controller Git. In our old way after finishing our projects we used FTP for […]