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A Powerful CMS for blogs,shopping cart , Magazines etc..easy to integrate and simple to customize.

Chrome 44 update break self hosted WordPress

Chrome 44 update break self hosted WordPress site. Yes it only effect Apache servers and that is not using SSL. But its wired it works fine on all other browsers only chrome is trying to redirect to  url. Chrome 44 (version 44.0.2403.89) is turn on the header request with HTTPS : 1, In PHP many […]

How to remove Pages Archives and Categories from WooCommerce pages

How to remove Pages Archives and Categories from WooCommerce pages ? yea from product and shop page of WooCommerce is now showing the side bar widget at the bottom on the page as Pages Archives and Categories. there is already a sidebar widget that is set it from widget manager. Yea, I’m also faced such a […]

New Widgets Positions in WordPress

Adding new widgets positions in WordPress theme’s is very simple and few step process. The WordPress theme development basic idea of creating first wire frame including this portion. Once we decide to create WordPress theme or customize an existing theme to your custom design it may have many common section like Right Side bar, Left […]

WordPress Update with FTP or Cpanel (manual)

WordPress update with FTP or Cpanel is something strange ? Any CMS or framework should be updated to latest version as soon as possible , bcoz of security fixes or more flexible features. Most of the application provides the update or upgrade option from it admin panel. WordPress also provide admin panel update button, but […]

Git as Version Controller for WordPress Plugin Development

Git as Version Controller for WordPress Plugin Development is really simply and easy to manage your plugin from local computer to subversion. Now everybody know that Git is a trend, now every one using Git for developing and publishing applications. This has several advantage over other SVN . I’m not talking too much about Git advantage […]

CDN Integration with WordPress

CDN Integration with WordPress, How ? Content Delivery Network is now very important in web, Now days speed is more important, CDN will improve the site performance and reduce your server load. CDN Integration with WordPress is very simple and its more efficient for site performance. This article will help you guys to setup the CDN […]

Password Protected Directories using Cpanel

Password Protected Directories using Cpanel is very simple to setup and It will improve your website security in one more level. In any CMS the hacking attempt is very high compared to Frameworks. Specially WordPress is weak in it security system and updates compare to other CMS like Joomla or Drupal. The password protected directories […]

WordPress Pagination for custom tables

WordPress pagination for custom tables are important in WordPress CMS. When we add more features and options to our WordPress site its not just like a blog so this case we required many custom tables and queries. How to create a nice and simple WordPress Pagination for your custom tables data listing. Its easy and […]

How to improve page speed of WordPress site

The page speed is a common issue in all CMS, improve page speed of WordPress, Joomla , Drupal etc are most discussed topics today. Here I will give some quick and efficient way to improve your website page loading speed. If you’re using some CMS, almost every CMS have cache plugins available for improving the […]