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MySQL Auto Backup on every hour

MySQL auto backup on every hour or every 30 min is that really cool right ? Yes now its most important to take backup of the database even every minute if possible. The cyber security is most important now days and lot of new script kiddies and pro hackers out there. The website security is […]

Allow remote mysql connection to your server

How to allow remote mysql connection to your server ? need to test it from your local machine ? Yea may be some time we need to connect our server DB in our local projects or have to open remote mysql connection for another web apps or api calls. This is most important and risky […]

Import-Export CSV files via Command Line in mysql

Import – Export Csv file using command line is simple and fast compare to browser UI. from phpmyadmin browser page when we upload some larger files with more data rows. it may not responding the browser and die the mysql server or apache server for few min. CLI import or export is faster and easy […]

Import mysql DB using Command Line

Import mysql db using command line is very simple statements and it effective and fast compare to importing huge database from phpmyadmin. There are one more advantage using this method the default mysql db upload file size is doesn’t a matter using command line. Sometime we may face such a situation , importing huge DB […]

how to backup MySQL Database tables using php

In any situation we required a MySQL database tables backup with php scripting. Sometimes its helpful and its very simple to take backup MySQL database tables using php. Easy faster and very simple and clean script for getting your MySQL database backup. You must have the following details for using the backup MySQL database table […]