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Category Archives: Security

The security category articles contain webpage security topics, related to SSL, encription and advanced security options on Shopping cart platform. etc protect you credit card or debit card information while using e-commerce sites.

Password Protected Directories using Cpanel

Password Protected Directories using Cpanel is very simple to setup and It will improve your website security in one more level. In any CMS the hacking attempt is very high compared to Frameworks. Specially WordPress is weak in it security system and updates compare to other CMS like Joomla or Drupal. The password protected directories […]

Credit Card Validation and Encryption using php

These days online security is very important and facing many hack attempt to the huge applications that keeps users private data, credit card validation and encryption / decryption are easily  check a credit card number is valid or not and helps to encrypt and decrypt the numbers safely to store on the DB. Now many […]

SSL Insecure Content Warning on Browsers

SSL insecure content warning is a common problem in most of the sites that have payment gateways embedded. How to fix SSL insecure content warning ? is this issue is very important or not avoidable ? this will shows on all browsers ? and How this SSL insecure content warning appears on my site ? […]