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php.ini update not reflecting on your server with Vesta CP

Vesta CP with Ngx-Apache-PHP-FPM configuration is good for performce but some time you may face some odd issues like your update on the php.ini files are good but that is not reflecting in the phpinfo or your application. It is becuase just editing the php.ini configuration on the installtion path doesn’t work as expected.

First of all you have to find the correct php.ini file , usually on VestaCP it can be found in the following path.


When you’re updating the max_upload_size or execution_time etc, on the file it may not reflect due to , PHP-FPM is creating another configuration file for your website. Check your website name based file present on that folder or not.


If the website based file exist on the server just edit the file there and set your preffered values . also don’t forget to restart the PHP-FPM

sudo service php-fpm7.4 stop
sudo service php-fpm7.4 start

Why stop and start some times restart the service not work as expected so it always good to first stop the service and then start it again.

I ended up on this solution before I ran into a serious problem after I edit the php.ini file and restarted the php-fpm service seems the service restarted and status is active but all the websites are down and not able to work on any  php sites on the server. then I figured the php-fpm restart is not work as expected then I stop and start again seems everything works like our expectation.

VestaCp , Ngx and PHP-FPM are working fine and all your website are down , that means your php.ini file may have some wrong configurations or your php-fpm doesn’t started properly so use the above solutions.

Happy reaidng 🙂


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