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iContact API with PHP

Welcome back to iContact API with PHP using iContact api 2.2 provides a wide range of API call for our requirement.In my previous post I am already explained the basic operations in iContact API with php.How to move subscription between list and adding news list etc. Here I am just explaining some new custom functions […]

iContact api integration using php

These days playing with icontact email marketing  system with php api really kills my time for some operations. iContact api integration using php here i just explain what we can do with icontact api 2.2 and what we can’t achieve. First of all  the icontact api is most similar to mailchimp . lot of options […]

How to superimposing images using php

Superimposing images using php or create an overlay image on an image dynamically the integration of placing image on another is very easy and most useful for watermark creations, play button etc. The entire idea for creating an image on top of another one with exactly at center. First we have required a   image […]

Dropbox File Upload api Using PHP Oauth

Dropbox file upload api using php Oauth is very interesting and pretty simple. Now these days its very important to upload users files to the storage spaces like Dropbox,Google drive etc.The main advantage on this system is we don’t need to lost our server space for storing those files and some graphics kind of things […]

Amazon S3 file Upload using PHP API

Amazon S3 Server provides large disk space for the web data storage the complete advantage of the cloud computing is another example of S3 sever .The Amazon S3 file upload using the php api is now pretty simple and most secure.The most advantage of the system is the code running server (EC2) and File storage […]

Hotmail Contact list reader API in php (MSN Oauth)

Hotmail Contact list reader API or MSN Oauth API is used for importing the contact list from MSN account .Now these days it is very important to get the contact list of MSN account for several web applications. How they simply get those Hotmail contact list ? with no other security issue the answer is […]

Gmail contactlist reader with Google Oauth API in php

Gmail contactlist reader with Google Oauth API will helps us to read the contact list of our friends with Google authenticate method.These days it is very important to share,invites ,sending email through many application with your friend list .So the Google Oauth will solve this requirement. First of all you have to signup with Google […]

Yahoo Contact list reader with Oauth api in php

Now these days its very important to import contact list of users in our applications like share, invites etc. This can be done with many third party api’s but most of the people thinks that is not secure. That is why every one likes to use Oauth api .The main advantage of this is it […]

USPS Shipping API with PHP

Calculating the shipping cost for different USPS services with usps shipping api is pretty simple.For calculating the actual shipping cost of your item simply pass your product weight and zip codes to the .For using this usps shipping api you must signup with usps. when you get the usps shipping api key (username) from the […]

UPS shipping API with php

Calculating the shipping cost for different UPS services with ups shipping api is pretty simple the following code can be used. First you have to signup on the UPS for getting your API key,UPS username , password and a UPS account number. When you get these credential from UPS site, now you can simply get the […]