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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Image Zoom Plugin with jQuery

Simple image zoom plugin with jQuery is a cloud zoom plugin. There are two versions of cloud zoom plugins are available one is older version 1.0.2 and latest version of cloudzoom v3.0 The older version of image zoom plugin have no trail concept, but the latest version have a trial message on the image. Here […]

Simple Captcha Plugin with Ajax Validation

Captcha validation or human activity checker is necessary in these days lot of spam and site hacks are facing every where , So the captcha plugin with ajax will help you to prevent spam to your website. How this works ? its pretty simple and easy to integrate it check a security text on the […]

How to superimposing images using php

Superimposing images using php or create an overlay image on an image dynamically the integration of placing image on another is very easy and most useful for watermark creations, play button etc. The entire idea for creating an image on top of another one with exactly at center. First we have required a   image […]

Idle timeout plugin using jQuery

Idle timeout plugin using jQuery is very power full and easy for integrating with your application. Now these days its very usual for finding the Idle timeout and logout from your application or expire the page etc.. The application that handles profile or shopping cart its necessary to implement Idle timeout plugin. The user inactive […]

Image Overlay using Css

The Image Overlay using Css is simple and easy to integrate . This is only a basic integration of one image on the top of another image using Css. Sometime we required some play button on the top of a thumbnail or something like that. So the whole idea is to show a play button […]

Simple Analog Clock plugin using jQuery

Analog Clock plugin using jQuery and Css is very simple and it is a basic combination of javascript date time function and setInterval() function . The integration of analog clock plugin using jQuery is very tricky and only few lines of code. We are achieving this clock with four images and basic javascript function and […]

jQuery infield label plugin with form validation

jQuery infield label plugin is pretty simple to integrate and more power full for client side validation.Now these days its very important to validate a form on client side and server side for making your webpage more secure. The client side validation is make your webpage secure and more user friendly like before submitting the […]

Dropbox File Upload api Using PHP Oauth

Dropbox file upload api using php Oauth is very interesting and pretty simple. Now these days its very important to upload users files to the storage spaces like Dropbox,Google drive etc.The main advantage on this system is we don’t need to lost our server space for storing those files and some graphics kind of things […]

Amazon S3 file Upload using PHP API

Amazon S3 Server provides large disk space for the web data storage the complete advantage of the cloud computing is another example of S3 sever .The Amazon S3 file upload using the php api is now pretty simple and most secure.The most advantage of the system is the code running server (EC2) and File storage […]