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Monthly Archives: August 2013

iContact API with PHP

Welcome back to iContact API with PHP using iContact api 2.2 provides a wide range of API call for our requirement.In my previous post I am already explained the basic operations in iContact API with php.How to move subscription between list and adding news list etc. Here I am just explaining some new custom functions […]

Joomla Module Development tutorial

Joomla is a powerful CMS and widely used for many web applications like shopping cart, blogs , classifieds etc.This tutorial gives a brief details about the smallest unit(Module) in the joomla .How to create Joomla Module that are compatible for most of the version. Joomla module development tutorial provides a guide line for creating modules […]

sitemap xml missing in wordpress using yoasts plugin

Some times sitemap xml missing in WordPress using yoasts plugin how this happen ? do you wonder about this issue ? .Yes  I am also faced the same issue and wonder about it because the issue comes suddenly when I check my webmaster tool  404 error sitemap missing. So the Google failed to crawl my […]

Google Authorship Markup How to get your picture in search result

Google Authorship Markup or how to get your picture in search result  is a valuable topic ? Yes definitely Search Engine Optimization needs better social support too. These days Google is adding new ideas to the Search Engine Algorithm its very important and most useful for  blog authors and many other website users. We can just […]

Reply email to the comment authors email in wordpress

How to implement Reply email to the comment authors email in WordPress ? Its the most required functionality that missing in WordPress ? .The important of email reply for a comment is very important in WordPress sometimes a visitor commented in your site and when you reply to that comment in the site. Normally WordPress do […]

how to backup MySQL Database tables using php

In any situation we required a MySQL database tables backup with php scripting. Sometimes its helpful and its very simple to take backup MySQL database tables using php. Easy faster and very simple and clean script for getting your MySQL database backup. You must have the following details for using the backup MySQL database table […]

iContact api integration using php

These days playing with icontact email marketing  system with php api really kills my time for some operations. iContact api integration using php here i just explain what we can do with icontact api 2.2 and what we can’t achieve. First of all  the icontact api is most similar to mailchimp . lot of options […]

How to rename localhost to a domain in xampp

The sounds like crazy right ? yes it is, rename localhost to a domain in xampp is for some craze. Ok lets check how we can achieve rename localhost to a domain name. The steps are simple and easy only few things for changing your localhost to a domain name. First you have to open […]

Enable Curl Library in xampp (localhost)

The important of enabling curl library in xampp (localhost) is a good idea for testing with many API’s like Shipping,Payment or some social networking etc.. The curl library  in xampp or localhost is very helpful for many situations like before working on server we can test that module or plugin in locally also the debug is […]