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jQuery Slider Plugin with CSS3

Here ,  A simple jQuery slider plugin with css3 and it will take only less than five minutes to integrate on your site. The rotators slider have many options like preview image,slide show and amazing slider effects. This jQuery slider plugin requ[...]

SSL Insecure Content Warning on Browsers

SSL insecure content warning is a common problem in most of the sites that have payment gateways embedded. How to fix SSL insecure content warning ? is this issue is very important or not avoidable ? this will shows on all browsers ? and How this SSL[...]

jQuery Cycle Plugin for simple slideshow

jQuery Cycle plugin is a powerful slideshow plugin that have lot of options, and easy to customize only few minutes to setup the slideshow in your website. The main features of the jQuery Cycle plugin are slider controls, slider effect, rotate option[...]

How to set meta data of a page in Joomla

Joomla provides a built in class for setting up the meta data of a page in joomla. JFactory::getDocument() will be avaiable in Joomla  for setup the meta data. SEO is very important for all website so the meta data setup we can't avoid on a web p[...]

Smart Image Zoom Plugin with jQuery

After a short interval playing with jQuery Image Zoom plugin will completely extracted the Zoom functionality with magnifier and scroll zoom options, using swinxyzoom plugin. Its WordPress plugin that have amazing zoom options, The integration of swi[...]

Latest Tweets Joomla Module

In my previous post I was explained how to get latest tweets in your website, that post is based on dynamic websites and the method used on that article is twitter widgets, But here latest tweets Joomla Module will help you to get your tweets in your[...]

How to get latest tweets in your website

How to get latest tweets in your website ? Twitter recently changed their API version  for get your tweets in your website. Now V1.0  is not available and Twitter introduced new API for this task, the version 1.1 will help us to solve this task. [...]

iContact API with PHP

Welcome back to iContact API with PHP using iContact api 2.2 provides a wide range of API call for our requirement.In my previous post I am already explained the basic operations in iContact API with php.How to move subscription between list and addi[...]

Joomla Module Development tutorial

Joomla is a powerful CMS and widely used for many web applications like shopping cart, blogs , classifieds etc.This tutorial gives a brief details about the smallest unit(Module) in the joomla .How to create Joomla Module that are compatible for most[...]