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sitemap xml missing in wordpress using yoasts plugin

Some times sitemap xml missing in WordPress using yoasts plugin how this happen ? do you wonder about this issue ? .Yes  I am also faced the same issue and wonder about it because the issue comes suddenly when I check my webmaster tool  404 error s[...]

Reply email to the comment authors email in wordpress

How to implement Reply email to the comment authors email in WordPress ? Its the most required functionality that missing in WordPress ? .The important of email reply for a comment is very important in WordPress sometimes a visitor commented in your[...]

how to backup MySQL Database tables using php

In any situation we required a MySQL database tables backup with php scripting. Sometimes its helpful and its very simple to take backup MySQL database tables using php. Easy faster and very simple and clean script for getting your MySQL database bac[...]

iContact api integration using php

These days playing with icontact email marketing  system with php api really kills my time for some operations. iContact api integration using php here i just explain what we can do with icontact api 2.2 and what we can't achieve. First of all  the[...]

How to rename localhost to a domain in xampp

The sounds like crazy right ? yes it is, rename localhost to a domain in xampp is for some craze. Ok lets check how we can achieve rename localhost to a domain name. The steps are simple and easy only few things for changing your localhost to a domai[...]

Enable Curl Library in xampp (localhost)

The important of enabling curl library in xampp (localhost) is a good idea for testing with many API's like Shipping,Payment or some social networking etc.. The curl library  in xampp or localhost is very helpful for many situations like before wor[...]

Image Zoom Plugin with jQuery

Simple image zoom plugin with jQuery is a cloud zoom plugin. There are two versions of cloud zoom plugins are available one is older version 1.0.2 and latest version of cloudzoom v3.0 The older version of image zoom plugin have no trail concept, but [...]

Simple Captcha Plugin with Ajax Validation

Captcha validation or human activity checker is necessary in these days lot of spam and site hacks are facing every where , So the captcha plugin with ajax will help you to prevent spam to your website. How this works ? its pretty simple and easy to [...]

How to superimposing images using php

Superimposing images using php or create an overlay image on an image dynamically the integration of placing image on another is very easy and most useful for watermark creations, play button etc. The entire idea for creating an image on top of anoth[...]