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Tweets with media file using Oauth API in php

Tweets with media file using Oauth API in php is simple and cute, It simply allow us to upload an media file to twitter and make a status with image is far better than old text only status message. Yes now I have a situation to post an image to twitt[...]

Joomla HikaShop product image zoom

Joomla HikaShop product image zoom is Joomla standard plugin can be used to create a nice Zoom effect on your HikaShop product image. This plugin offers one Zoom mode with a beautiful more image slider. Joomla HikaShop product image zoom will work[...]

Joomla plugin development tutorial

Joomla plugins are most powerful extension type in Joomla CMS while rendering the content the out put can alter with Joomla plugin or you can just insert few codes inside form or any place you want. Joomla plugin offers more features to Joomla CMS. [...]

Virtuemart Product Image Zoom Pro

Virtuemart product image zoom Pro plugin is an advanced version of Virtuemart Zoom Plugin its liter version compared to the FREE version also included additional Zoom modes and browser compatibility. This plugin is fully responsive for all the device[...]

Writing Images to the Excel Sheet using PHPExcel

Writing images to the excel sheet using phpexcel class is a great feature , using this method we can draw the images inside the excel column it looks good and nice to have images with some descriptions. While working on an Import/Export system I h[...]

Reading Images From Excel Sheet Using PHPExcel

How to reading images from Excel Sheet using phpExcel ? Ya its very interesting and useful, An attached image of excel can be read and upload to server directory is, simplifying the  file upload too. Ok lets check how can we reading images from E[...]

Credit Card Validation and Encryption using php

These days online security is very important and facing many hack attempt to the huge applications that keeps users private data, credit card validation and encryption / decryption are easily  check a credit card number is valid or not and helps to [...]

Related Products Slider For Virtuemart

Related Product Slider For Virtuemart is a plugin that can be used to integrate a slider on your virtuemart product details page. Using this plugin you can create a simple and beautiful slider for your related products or accessories of a products in[...]

WordPress Pagination for custom tables

WordPress pagination for custom tables are important in WordPress CMS. When we add more features and options to our WordPress site its not just like a blog so this case we required many custom tables and queries. How to create a nice and simple Wo[...]

HTML tags inside module or plugin description in Joomla

HTML tags inside module or plugin description in Joomla xml file will help you to create some styled or attractive links to plugin authors site from plugin manager. It can be used in Joomla standard XML file in  ,Joomla Components, Joomla module or [...]