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Virtuemart Product Image Zoom Pro

Virtuemart product image zoom Pro plugin is an advanced version of Virtuemart Zoom Plugin its liter version compared to the FREE version also included additional Zoom modes and browser compatibility. This plugin is fully responsive for all the devices.

The Virtuemart product image zoom Pro plugin comes with a standard slider option for more images and its compatible for all the Virtuemart 2.X versions. Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.0 ready and have amazing scroll zoom options too. The different zoom modes are shown below.

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image (mode-1)

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image (mode-1)

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image (mode-2)

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image (mode-2)

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image (mode-3)

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image (mode-3)

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image (mode-4)

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image (mode-4)


The installation is simply like any other Joomla extensions.

Login to Administrator -> Extension Manager -> Add new ->Choose zip file.

Then go to plugin manager just activate it.

Lets check what are the features of the Joomla Virtuemart Product Image Zoom Plugin one by one.

  • Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.0 ready.
  • Four zoom modes available.
  • 4 Zoom window Positions available.
  • Supports Image gallery for more product images.
  • Slider available for more images.
  • jQuery loads optionally (Should have at least 1.10.1 for better performance).
  • Set up the container width in % for responsive .
  • Other images shows as thumbnail width is manageable.
  • Mouse scroll Zoom options enabled on product image.
  • Supports all modern browsers and IE8+.
  • Touch device support.
  • Iphone and Ipad compatible.
  • 100% responsive zoom plugin
  • VM Third party template supports with class options
  • Disable/Enable Zoom in Mobile Devices.

the basic configuration are shows in the below image.

Virtuemart Product Image Zoom Pro Options

Virtuemart Product Image Zoom Pro Options


This plugin is developed based on the Virtuemart 2. x, 3.x standards, the templates that overrides Virtuemart default classes should use the advanced tab section for setting the DIV Classes.

Virtuemart Product Image Zoom

Virtuemart Product Image Zoom


Support for this plugin only through E-mail, chat or remote desktop access within 48hr(max).



25 thoughts on “Virtuemart Product Image Zoom Pro

    1. The issue is due to jQuery conflict just disable jQuery from my plugin params advanced section.
      Login to Admin -> Extension manager -> Plugin manager -> search for wwm
      then open the configuration advanced tab and turn off jQuery.
      Then it should fix the issue.

    1. Just install and activate the plugin it will works on the product page.
      If it didn’t work then check the default classes assigned to the product images in your template.
      bcoz some template may override the VM classes to their own.
      Still trouble feel free to send the site url will check and help you.( you can use contact form of my website for that).
      thank you.

  1. Hello,
    This plugin is really nice but at the moment I am having an issue due to the fact that it does not display PDF files that are supposed to be downloadable in virtuemart product description…
    Any help?

  2. Thanks for using PRO version.

    This is first time I’m getting such an issue, I think it might be VM configuration section you may leave thumbnail height as empty. bcoz my plugin will take the width and height from VM configurations.

    But any way you made the point , if there is any of them missing , height or width I have to figure out the thumbnail proportion.

    Thanks for the point ,I have to handle this situation and will update my plugin.
    Thank you.

  3. Hello to all.
    The idea of the plugin is good but it does not work as it should for me.
    I have a joomla latest website using vm and the zoom addon but this addon creates the problem into the product details image.
    Using dosplay_errors=yes gives me the following errors:
    Notice: Undefined property: TableProducts::$images in /home/j0rdants/public_html/ on line 127

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/j0rdants/public_html/ on line 128

    1. Its seems you’re using Free version that is not compatibile with Joomla and VM 3.x version.
      The PRO version only works with VM3.x
      still facing issue use contact form to drop an email , with site link will help you.

  4. I’ve just purchased the Zoom Pro plugin and I’m having some issues with display.

    The additional image thumbnails are not showing in main image area, only opening in new window when clicking.

    And I need image subtitles to display in main image area upon click as set up prior to installing Image Zoom Pro

    1. It seems a jQuery conflict in your website.
      Your template may already loading the latest jQuery version. So you can just turn off the jQuery from my plugin manager advanced param section. So it works well.

      regarding second requirement it not well understand, you mean the image image title need to be shown inside main image area ?. if that is the requirement its not available for PRO but I can add it for you. if you need.

      1. Hi

        JQuery issue resolved, thank you.

        I need the Displayed Image Subtitle to display within the main image. This is a different subtitle for each image. I had it working previously before adding zoom. If you could help with this then that would be great.

  5. I’m about to leave the worst review in the JED for this. The free version doesn’t even have close to the zoom effect as advertised. It opens in a new window and you lose the ability to have more than 1 image. It’s actually a decrease in functionality… and apparently was a huge waste of my time to install it. Maybe I’m wrong and this is a bug – not the way it’s supposed to function. Free is expensive when you download a ‘free’ extension that doesn’t work as stated.

    1. It has all the ability that described in the feature list.

      This is the first time I’m getting such review . The plugin doesn’t work well on your site may be due to template or Jquery conflict.
      I’m here to help you on that case, sent me the site URL I will check and let you know the issue.

      The Free version have 1 Zoom mode, and multiple image support only thing missing is large image popup. and VM 3.x support

      The Pro version has all support and many satisfied users.
      How can I help you on this ?

    1. I think there is some option available in cariusel just check it out you will be able to do that.
      the plugin don’t have such options at this moment.

      Thanks for your feedback

  6. Hi,

    I have purchased the pro plugin for virtuemart 2, I have installed the plugin and it has been configured as the documentation states, the image classes are set inside the plugin and I have the latest version of jquery 1.8 on the site, however the plugin does not seem to be doing its job.

    Can you please advise what may be wrong?


    1. Can you please share the site URL then I will be able to check in detail.
      The common issues are template class or ID mistakes or some time some templates added these class dynamically using scripts . So that time plugin failed to overwrite these classed .
      So in your default_image.php or default.php which file have image and more image section.
      just override these classes in your template and enable the plugin.

      If you still facing issue to make work the plugin, feel free to contact me I’m glad to help you.

      1. Its OK,

        I have managed to fix it, the default template style in virtuemart had been set to PDF, unknowing to me, so I changed this back to default template and it now works. Lovely plugin, works a dream. Thank you.


  7. Flexible zoom effect that is very easy to install and looks great too. Does exactly what’s expected. I like that it works with multiple product images too. Also I received very helpful support and speedy responses when configuring the zoom plugin.

    Thanks very much!

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