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Elgg Social Contact Importer and Inviter

Elgg social contact importer and inviter is a Elgg contacts plugin will allow users to import their Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail contacts to the system and sent and invitation to them. This plugin using Oauth API so the users credentials are safe and aut[...]

Google Content API for Shopping V1.6

Google Content API for shopping provides a much better options over the XML Feed or Excel sheet on Google Merchant center. When we compare to XML feed a single update to the product is need to update the entire file and it gives much load to the user[...]

HikaShop zoom image pro

HikaShop zoom image pro is a Joomla standard plugin can be used to create a nice Zoom effect on your HikaShop shopping cart. This plugin offers four different zoom modes with a beautiful more image slider. HikaShop zoom image pro will works with late[...]

Virtuemart Calculation Plugin with Custom Rule

Virtuemart calculation plugin Offers a wide verity of powerful options to the system. The VM2.x is designed in a way that more powerful plugin and modules can be added on the way of upgrading versions. Here I will explain a simple Virtuemart calculat[...]

CDN Integration with WordPress

CDN Integration with WordPress, How ? Content Delivery Network is now very important in web, Now days speed is more important, CDN will improve the site performance and reduce your server load. CDN Integration with WordPress is very simple and it[...]

Social Share Icons On Image Hover

Social share icons on image hover in WordPress, Yes its a cute plugin that allows you to share all the post images on social media accounts. Now social medias are placing a good role in your business marketing. So you cannot compromise on social medi[...]

Twitter FaceBook Gplus Pinterest Followers Using PHP

Twitter FaceBook Gplus Pinterest followers count using PHP , In many cases we need such a solution using Oauth or CURL method. Here I will explain how we can get most used social media accounts followers count using basic PHP script. First we can [...]

Adding stylesheet and scripts using JDocument

Adding stylesheet and scripts using JDocument class in Joomla is the most standard way of adding them to head section. Here I will give you some tricks for some situations , we have to add some scripts in the page after the template styles or scripts[...]

How to disable Joomla registration component completely

How to disable Joomla registration component completely ? Some time we required such a situations , yes some website don't need registration or login facility so How to remove or disable entire registartion component of a Joomla site. Joomla regis[...]

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