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Joomla Social Share Icons On Image Hover

Joomla Social share icons on image hover is based on my one of the  WordPress plugin Now I'm releasing same plugin for Joomla users too. Its a unique plugin in WordPress , hope in Joomla too. There are many plugins in JED that enable social share op[...]

Read serial port data using Perl and PHP under windows

Read serial port data using Perl is very easy compare to PHP in Windows OS. The PHP serial port reading has some complication in Windows Os. In Linux serial port reading is very simple using PHP , but on Windows it makes more difficult that is why I [...]

Developing windows app using ionic framework and Cordova

Developing windows app using ionic framework and cordova is bit painful at this time , Yea the best thing is coming out soon, ionic 2.0 is now beta release and it officially support Windows 10, so we are good to make the app once ionic 2.0 released. [...]

Read Serial Port with PHP

Read serial port with PHP ? yea some time we may face such a requirement, reading serial devices from web browsers. bit complicated right ? Yea, there are few way to accomplish this with the technologies available now. We all know that browser is [...]

Allow remote mysql connection to your server

How to allow remote mysql connection to your server ? need to test it from your local machine ? Yea may be some time we need to connect our server DB in our local projects or have to open remote mysql connection for another web apps or api calls. [...]

Set up Android Development Environment for Linux

Set up android development environment for your Linux Machine ? yea its a bit complex based on the distro  you are using , If you using popular distro like  Ubundu its much easier but if you are using some other like Arch or Manjaro it may get comp[...]

Import-Export CSV files via Command Line in mysql

Import - Export Csv file using command line is simple and fast compare to browser UI. from phpmyadmin browser page when we upload some larger files with more data rows. it may not responding the browser and die the mysql server or apache server for f[...]

Easy project deployment for web application

Easy project deployment for web application ? you may wonder what it is right ? also thinks what is the issue with my current project deployment system ? Here I will explain a few techniques for better project deployment using version controller Git.[...]

jpeg Image Compression for web applications

JPEG image compression for web sites is one of the main tips to improve your web application performance, When you check the Google Page Speed test or any Website analysing tool you will know their first suggestion is compress the image size . For[...]

Workbench Package Development for Laravel 5

workbench package development for laravel 5.x is depreciated , so before starting with this approach make sure you're aware of it. Its just a matter for Laravel 5.0 version only later version support packager CLI command for creating packages. So if [...]