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Virtuemart Waiting list Dashboard Module

Virtuemart waiting list Dashboard module is a cool Joomla module, that simply provide a quick over view of the product waiting list. That have all basic information Product name, Product Sku and number of customers waiting. Virtuemart waitinglist [...]

Override Joomla core or 3rd party classes

Override Joomla core or 3rd party classes without editing the core ? Sounds like great right ? Yes there is already solution for this in Joomla. Yep Joomla is always smart you can simply create a System plugin with Overrides class name and load the e[...]

Import mysql DB using Command Line

Import mysql db using command line is very simple statements and it effective and fast compare to importing huge database from phpmyadmin. There are one more advantage using this method the default mysql db upload file size is doesn't a matter using [...]

New Widgets Positions in WordPress

Adding new widgets positions in WordPress theme's is very simple and few step process. The WordPress theme development basic idea of creating first wire frame including this portion. Once we decide to create WordPress theme or customize an existing t[...]

How to Upgrade Joomla 2.5.x to Joomla 3.x

How to Upgrade Joomla 2.5.x to Joomla 3.x without loosing data ? Joomla upgrade is not an easy task like WordPress site Upgrade Why ? bcoz of the API features and all. WordPress is mainly focused on blog system so the core is small in files and API a[...]

Instagram Tumblr Youtube followers using PHP

Instagram Tumblr Youtube followers using php is really simple and no need of any Oauth API setup. just setup your APP and using that, you will be able to get all the details. I hope you already read my post regarding Twitter Facebook Gplus and pintre[...]

Google URL Shortener API using PHP

Google URL Shortener Api is really cute and simple to use also it provide a 1,000,000 requests/day its sufficient for medium size applications. The short url's is really important in social media platform specially twitter. There are several blog [...]

Joomla Media File Optimize Plugin

Joomla media file optimize plugin can be used to create different instance of your media files especially your banner images. This plugin is dealing with banner images and assumes that all the images, So basically the images in other location they do[...]

WordPress Update with FTP or Cpanel (manual)

WordPress update with FTP or Cpanel is something strange ? Any CMS or framework should be updated to latest version as soon as possible , bcoz of security fixes or more flexible features. Most of the application provides the update or upgrade option [...]

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