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101 thoughts on “Social Share Icons On Image Hover

  1. Hey there
    maybe you can help me , from some reason the share buttons appear on the image before i hover on it , its start to show the buttons when the mouse is about 100px to the side of it , is there a way to fix it?

  2. At the bottom of the following article, we are sharing “images with quotes” from the article. When someone shares these images on facebook, we only want the large image to show on their newsfeed (and we want the image to link back to the blog post, of course).

    Recently, the plugin stopped sharing just the image to facebook, but now instead, shares a thumbnail of the image along with meta title and description to facebook. How do we make the image the focus of the facebook post and not the meta text?


    1. When I check the share option it works fine.
      The meta text will share as details.
      the plugin uses meta title,description or page title. The shared items by default linked to the post automatically.
      you can use some SEO plugin for setting up the meta title same as Post title.
      I prefer SEO Yoast plugin.

  3. Two questions:
    1. We have to refresh the page for the plugin to work. Is there a setting we are missing.
    2. (and this might be a for-pay project) Can this plugin be set to show up on images that are in the library. So that, a link on a page would pull up the image (not a page), and the share buttons would be on the image.)?


    1. 1) Once you install the plugin and set the configuration it will work no need of any other setup. refresh the page ? I didn’t get you.
      2)The link open the image on new tab will not work, the plugin works only the images within the post.

      Hope its clear.

  4. It seems that the social sharing is appearing on just about all of my photos – even ones that I do not necessarily want to “share”. How can I remove this?


      1. Great! I am willing to buy it if I can figure out the Facebook part. I have made the app but it doesn’t seem to work. When I press the Facebook icon, the first window throws an error “An error occurred. Please Try again later” But if I press OK it will authenticate and show my Facebook page. Please help. Thanks

        1. It seems the issue with FB APP creation.
          first delete the APP your created.
          then do it again , set the domain url correctly there is no miss-match between www and non www.
          Also make sure you make the app in live mode.
          Then only plugin config option set the SDK to load options YES.

          that’s it , should work. try it let me know the status.

  5. Hi again. I posted earlier about a problem I was having in determining the class of images generated by another social sharing plugin, but I finally figured it out. You don’t need to help me solve the problem after all. Thanks.

  6. Hi! Your plugin is what I had been looking for. Thanks for this.
    I am receiving following error on top of my website:

    Notice: Undefined variable: scripts

    Though my image buttons still seem to work. I’ll appreciate help on this.

  7. Hi,

    I’m having a similar issue to Jambo , my images have a lightbox (see for details) . On clicking a social link both the lightbox and social login are displayed (I think the class cboxElement is used to enable colorbox) . I’d like to be able to disable the lightbox on the social links.

    Could you point me in the right direction of how to do this please ?

    Great plugin by the way worked very easily for me.


    1. The most of the light box class is init at the time of page loading so we don’t have option to limit that.
      I’m also checking that same issue in my template too.
      Next update should fox this issue.
      thanks for using my plugins

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