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Related Products Slider For Virtuemart

Related Product Slider For Virtuemart is a plugin that can be used to integrate a slider on your virtuemart product details page. Using this plugin you can create a simple and beautiful slider for your related products or accessories of a products in virtuemart. This plugin is developed using Joomla standard so it can be […]

HTML tags inside module or plugin description in Joomla

HTML tags inside module or plugin description in Joomla xml file will help you to create some styled or attractive links to plugin authors site from plugin manager. It can be used in Joomla standard XML file in  ,Joomla Components, Joomla module or Joomla plugin description area. Yes its really nice and a good markup […]

Joomla Virtuemart Product Image Zoom

Joomla Virtuemart product image zoom plugin helps you to create an attractive product details image zoom facility on your Joomla – Virtuemart store.The integration of the Joomla Virtuemart product image zoom plugin is pretty simple and easy to setup if you’re a non technical person. The Joomla Virtuemart product image zoom plugin comes with a […]

How to improve page speed of WordPress site

The page speed is a common issue in all CMS, improve page speed of WordPress, Joomla , Drupal etc are most discussed topics today. Here I will give some quick and efficient way to improve your website page loading speed. If you’re using some CMS, almost every CMS have cache plugins available for improving the […]

Joomla Banner Slideshow Module

How to create a beautiful Joomla banner slideshow ? that have all the features of default Joomla banner component, We know Joomla default banner module have all these features but it doesn’t have any slideshow option and few other things too. So here I just explain my basic banner slideshow module working with Joomla’s Banner […]

How to include html or php codes into joomla article

HTML or PHP codes into Joomla article is highly recommended feature for Joomla users, due to security reason Joomla editors will not allow to include HTML or PHP codes into Joomla article. So How to include HTML or PHP codes into Joomla article ? There are many extensions available for Joomla to achieve this requirement […]

This Email address is being protected from spambots in joomla

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This is common issue in Joomla while we trying to include an email address inside an article content. When I face this error first time , I wonder because the textbox have a full script and a message like, This […]

Joomla Module Development tutorial

Joomla is a powerful CMS and widely used for many web applications like shopping cart, blogs , classifieds etc.This tutorial gives a brief details about the smallest unit(Module) in the joomla .How to create Joomla Module that are compatible for most of the version. Joomla module development tutorial provides a guide line for creating modules […]