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22 thoughts on “Custom Social Share Buttons Integration

    1. This method is aimed for sharing exact image to the social media so it should be one image only.
      If you’re preferring more than one image you have to use the traditional way of OG:IMAGE tags.
      Hope it make sense.

  1. Hello,

    I’m looking to add a love button like the one on this website:


    It would be great if you could tell me how should I go about in getting this or at least what exactly this is called so that I can search for ways of getting it.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. it seems to retrieve empty data when in mobile specifically, iphone “safari” and samsung note “internet”… Can someone help?

    1. The script have no specification for web/mobile it just simple JavaScript and open it in new window.
      make sure the integration works in web perfectly, then it should work on mobile too, keep getting same result try to remove open with new window concept and use some call back technique.
      Hope it helps.

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        yes, supposedly it would work because I only followed your code to all. It can share to almost all– chrome, FF, ie, ipad.. but except samsung note, iphone.. It seems like it havent retrieved the og data well..

        See screenshot:

        Below is the code that works in desktop, ipad, but NOT iphone, samsung note:

      2. My code are just all the same with yours above… It seems to work in desktop, and ipad.. but in iPhone and samusung note, it returns empty…

        This is how it will look on some mobile device…
        Please see the screenshot when viewd in iphone:

        Appreciate all the help!

  3. I am trying to insert the facebook share code into a wordpress blog. I have put in a custom button and everthing works fine, only when i hit the button, the popup share window opens but it remains blank. i thought it would pull info from the post? here is the code, what am i doing wrong? thanks, steve

  4. While it show’s the right data in Facebook’s sharing window, the actual shared data is totally different and it show’s clear that fb is reading the site and searching his meta tags when you click “Share”, and when its done, he replaces prepared content with hes own.
    This is not working.

  5. I want to say how to show only one image in google plus share button when i click g+ button it show multi images but i want to show only one image so please tell me how to customize g+ for only one image.

    1. You cannot make that way bcoz Google reading your page url and parsing it all images. So by default it will show all the images.
      Only one thing you can do, set a preferred image from the list of images on the page with the help of og:image tag. set the og:image tag with preferred image then you can see that image is selected by default while sharing on Google.

      Thanks for your response..

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