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Joomla HikaShop product image zoom

Joomla HikaShop product image zoom is Joomla standard plugin can be used to create a nice Zoom effect on your HikaShop product image. This plugin offers one Zoom mode with a beautiful more image slider.

Joomla HikaShop product image zoom will works with latest version of HikaShops (2.x)    and   Joomla (1.7+,2.x,3.x) . The integration of the plugin is quite simple and standard way.

The plugin installation is simple like any other Joomla extension.

Login to Administrator -> Extension Manager -> Add new ->Choose zip file.

Then go to plugin manager just activate it and set your configurations on the right panel.

The Joomla HikaShop product image zoom plugin have one Zoom mode as follows.

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image (mode-1)

Joomla HikaShop product image zoom (mode-1)

Lets check the features of Joomla HikaShop product image zoom plugin.

  • One zoom mode available.
  • Supports Image gallery for more product images.
  • Slider available for more images.
  • jQuery loads optionally (Should have at least 1.10.1 for better performance).
  • Set up the container width in % for responsive .
  • Main image width and height manageable without scale.
  • Zoom image width and height manageable without scale.
  • Mouse scroll Zoom options enabled on product image.
  • Supports all modern browsers and IE8+.
  • Touch device support.
  • 100% responsive zoom plugin*.
  • No image available for the product that have no image in your shop.
  • Support with third party HikaShop template and Standard template.
  • For third party template the DIV ID are manageable for Zoom plugin.
  • Disable/Enable Zoom in Mobile Devices.

The Joomla HikaShop product image zoom plugin is a standard Joomla plugin and its uses the concept of standard HikaShop component , some third party templates may override the HikaShops standard DIV in that case you can use the Advance tab DIV ID options for enabling this plugin on your shops.

The configuration of the plugin are look like below.

HikaShop Product Zoom Plugin Config

HikaShop Product Zoom Plugin Config


Available with 4 Zoom Modes and additional features

Variant Image Support Added

Download2384 downloads


48 thoughts on “Joomla HikaShop product image zoom

  1. Thank you for deleting my question, I thought I could ask for your help but it seems that you are too busy to answer.
    Have a nice day and a Happy New Year

    1. I didn’t deleted your questions , due to busy schedule try to contact you directly.
      The design layout break in your case is due to your template altered too many thing from hikashop templates so the fix will be a customization on template level.
      Hope now its works

      1. Hello again, sorry for the misunderstanding, I know you didn’t delete my questions, it was a browser problem :(
        It does work now, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!
        Best regards,

  2. Hello, I installed the zoom plugin, but it totally messed up the layout of my page. The main content shows up in the left column and there is a large blank space where the main content should be.
    Can you please help me fix it?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Happy New Year!!
      I am thinking about purchasing the Pro version but if I can’t fix the layout problem on the demo version I’m afraid I will get the same error using the Pro version.
      Just a note: I checked the source code of the page with / without the zoom plugin and the difference is that when the zoom plugin is activated it removes the tag so the left column is never closed and all the content is squeezed into the left.
      I would really appreciate it if you could look into this,
      Best regards,

  3. Hi,

    I’m using your WWM Product Zoom Pro on a Hikashop store for my client selling leather crafted goods and it’s working fine.

    I have one issue, though:
    – I have a main product with 3 variants
    – the main product must show 3 images
    – each of the variants must show 3 DIFFERENT images
    – the issue is the following: when I check ‘Enable Variant Images’ in the plugin backend, the frontend shows ALL 9 images (3 variants x 3 different images).

    I’d like to show only the 3 correct images for each variant. This is the default way Hikashop shows variant images.

    Is that possible?
    How to?
    Thanks !

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for using PRO version,
      The variant images are also showing with additional image section is for switching to each variant image once the user clicks on those.
      You can achieve your requirement but you have to edit the plugin file.
      In plugin file there is two section in additional image loading section variants and other , variant section images loading just disable with a hide property in css, then when the user clicks on the variants enable back.
      But its bit tricky and complex.

  4. Hi,
    The first image in product detail in hikashop is fuzzy, (“image floue” in french). It’s only the first time.
    Then, when I click on a thumb, the zoom image is correct.

    But why this blurred effect in default image ?


      1. Hi

        I am testing this for a client. Using the free version for now to see if it works ok before buying the paid version as they want the zoom and image popup.

        I am having exactly the same problem. When first loaded the product image is very blurred and out of focus. If there is more than one image and the second image is click then all images are ok even the first one that was blurred to start with.

        Was there any resoloution to this issue.


        1. the blur/fuzzy effect is due to container width set to 100, and your image resolution is not great.
          If you’re using smaller size images , then container width should to < 70. Also in PRO version you will get the image size setup so you can set the responsive mode , based on image size it will auto adjust on the page. hope its make sense.

  5. Hi
    great plugin
    although i have question regarding this plugin
    How to move zoomed image below main image not on the right side?

    Thanks in advance

      1. Is this plugin responsive
        I need to have zoom on the left side
        bud on mobile to have zoom withing image because of space ..
        Thanks in advance

        1. Yes responsive , but if you think to use it on mobile, there is no hover event only touch so it may difficult to view the zoom effect .
          The other option is pro version comes with 4 zoom modes in that 2nd mode is shows the zoom image inside the main image container that is suitable for mobile.

  6. Hello,
    i upgrade hikashop to the last version 2.6.3 and zoom doesnt work anymore as it was working. take a look for example at this product page . thank you in advance

    1. Hello,
      It seems your website is using older versions of Jquery when I check I found its 1.7.
      The plugin required 1.8+ , you just need to enable the jQuery options from my plugin parameters it should work.

      feel free to write any issues.

  7. Hi,

    Thank you for offering this cool product.

    Is there a way for me to change the size of the semi transparent magnifier square to be smaller?

    1. the lens is scrollable , so first load it shows based on image proportion.
      If you upload larger resolution images it will show small lens size , and zoomable to large szie.
      so its upto your image size. or you can configure it using core file edit.

      'lens': { width: 200, height: 200 }
      width: Default value: 200
      height: Default value: 200:

      in plugin php file.

    1. You have to use almost same proportional images for best result.
      other wise you can add fixed width and height for thumb images its not recommended bcoz the images getting stretched in that case.
      Other option is Hikashop Product image configuration you can set the thumbnail height and width.

      If you’re ok with fixed width and height for thumbnail then add the following css code in plugin css file.

      #WWM_thumbs_images .slider img{
      width:80px !important;
      height:90px !important;

  8. Hi,
    I purchased and installed your plugin but it is in confilt with Google +1 social link:
    That correct code:

    your plugin trasform it in:

    and G+1 social don’t display.

    Can I fix the issue?

  9. Hi,
    I purchased and installed your plugin but it is in confilt with Google +1 social link:
    That correct code:

    your plugin trasform it in:

    and G+1 social don’t display.

    Can I fix the issue?

  10. Hi
    I have just installed WWM Product Zoom Pro on a new site I am developing. The plugin installed easily and works well but I have noticed that if there is more than one image for a product and the images have different aspect ratios only the first image is displayed correctly. Those with a different aspect ratio are stretched to fit that of the first image. The thumbnails are displayed correctly and if I click on ‘Zoom Image’ it is displayed correctly but the main product image is stretched.
    Any ideas?

    Best regards

    1. Yea it like that, bcoz the Hikashop config section you have option to set all images in same ratio.
      not exactly same but at least same , So that option you enable it works fine. There is some resolution issue comes once the more images are too differ in resolution with main image.
      I will also check any fix from my side too.

      1. Thx for quick reply. Changing the settings, uploading new images and clearing cache didn’t make any difference. Here are my settings:

        In Hikashop
        Product page image width: 450
        Product page umage height: 450
        Force image sizes: YES
        Image scale mode: Keep Ratio
        Image width: — not set —
        Image height: — not set —

        In Zoom Pro Plugin
        Container Width: 100
        Main image Width not in px: 450
        Main image Height not in px: 450
        Zoom image Width not in px: 900
        Zoom image Height not in px: 900
        Thumb image Width:(px) 80
        Thumbnail Height: 80
        Zoom Size 90%

        Are hese correct?

        Best regards

        1. oh then it seems complex, the plugin works based on container width .
          so first initialization it will set the container, rest will fit to that. so entirely different resolution may stretch,
          Any way I will work around this will let you know it can resolved or not soon.

        1. you can add it in hikashopwwmzoompro.php plugin file or any js file inside document ready.

          It will prevent the variant image loading so the zoom option still available with all variants. You have to add all the variant image inside the main products in this case.

        2. Open the following file.


          line no around 299:

          search for jQuery('a#zoom1').swinxyzoom

          paste this
          just above that line.

          Hope it make sense. sorry for short explanation!

          1. Hi,

            I really like this extension, it’s smooth and good looking :)

            however, I’m having exactly the same problem as above and can’t get it running properly. Only the main variant gets the zoom function but not the other variants. I don’t want to lose the ability to update images when I chose a different variant. Is there a way to have the zoom on all variants ?

            Also, on mobile, the zoom window is displayed outside the screen, could it be displayed directly above the main image (for phones only)?

            And last one, on desktop, I would like to make the zoomed image container bigger than the original image container, how can I do that ?

            Many Thanks

  11. Hello!
    I installed the extension on my Website, and sadly I get many errors. Please see below:

    Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML() [domdocument.loadhtml]: Tag header invalid in Entity, line: 670 in /home/asianspa/public_html/plugins/system/hikashopwwmzoompro/hikashopwwmzoompro.php on line 151
    It also says below (where I’m supposed to have my Unite Revolution Slider):

    Revolution Slider Error: You have some jquery.js library include that comes after the revolution files js include.
    This includes make eliminates the revolution slider libraries, and make it not work.
    To fix it you can:
    1. In the Slider Settings -> Troubleshooting set option: Put JS Includes To Body option to true.
    2. Find the double jquery.js include and remove it.

    Could you please, please help me out?

    1. is that T3 framework ? Joomla version ?

      You can fix double jquery issue by disabling the Jquery from my plugin’s advanced panel.
      can you share the site URL then I will be able to check you site details(use Contact form if its private).

  12. Errors/Warnings after enabling it
    problems with russian charset
    and warnings:

    Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML() [domdocument.loadhtml]: htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ‘;’ in Entity, line: 958 in /plugins/system/hikashopwwmzoompro/hikashopwwmzoompro.php on line 75

        1. Replace the code section with following in the plugin file.(path /plugins/system/hikashopwwmzoompro/hikashopwwmzoompro.php)

          $docs = new DOMDocument();


          $doc->resolveExternals = true;

          $docs->loadHTML(mb_convert_encoding($buffer, 'HTML-ENTITIES', 'UTF-8'));

          $docs->GetElementById($mainImageDiv)->nodeValue = $WWM_Main_Image;

          @$docs->GetElementById($otherImagediv)->nodeValue = $WWM_Other_Images;

          $docs->recover = true;



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